Milligram resembles its creator, Patricia de Lacroix. Her personality is perfectly portrayed through Milligram’s simplicity, as well as her native French charm so often mentioned in articles.

A natural elegance, a innate talent for unearthing the true beauty of an object, an intellectual yet straightforward inspiration, creative originality free of fashionable fancies or conventions, simply there to highlight the most important moments of one’s life.

The telling of a story, her own story, was what encouraged Patricia to embark on this adventure.

When she had difficulty in finding the right ring for her own finger, she thought of creating her own pieces of jewelry, each one evoking a milestone of her life, and which could be worn together with elegance and beauty.

Each and every combination of her first collection carries with it a soul, a bohemian poem and a chic and hippy sensuality. When wearing a Milligram piece of jewelry, one feels as if one belongs to an endearing and close-knit tribe whilst remaining unique thanks to the diversity of available combinations.

A few milligrams are enough to capture one’s personal moments of happiness, “Jewels for happiness”.

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